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A Quick History of the Zodiac Signs

Horoscopes, star signs and zodiac signs, all of this comprises what is known as astrology. However, when did the zodiac signs first appear in history and who were the ones that first starting giving these signs any importance? Some of the most earliest of times probably about 7,000 years ago th ...more

Learning More About Taurus

The most common characteristics of a Taurus would be solidity, extreme determination, strong willed and practical. Never have to worry about anyone having to drive them they do just fine on their own and they will always follow a leader loyally as long as they feel they can trust them. Mentally ...more

What is the Personality of Scorpio Like?

Scorpio is the eighth star sign of the zodiac and their horoscope shows that they are people who really should not be taken lightly. People who are born under this sign are very serious about their mission to learn all they can about others. They also don't beat around the bush when it comes to find ...more

The Person Who is Aquarius

The person who is born under the zodiac star sign of Aquarius tend to be of two different types. One type of Aquarius is shy and the other type is lively. Both types however tend to be very strong willed as well as very honest. Their thoughts are very orderly and they plan their lives in a systemati ...more

Gemini is the Third Sun Sign

Gemini is the third star sign of the zodiac and when someone mentions anything about a horoscope and the zodiac signs they will be the first one to tell you about it. This is because they just love to talk. It is not just idle chit chat either that they like to get into, they love good conversation  ...more

Aries the Sun Sign and the First Sign of the Zodiac

The horoscope Aries is the first Zodiac sign and this is pretty much how most of the people who are born under this star sign believe themselves to be. They are definitely born leaders, always wanting to be the first to get things done or to get things going. This means whether or not all other thin ...more

What Kind of a Person is a Leo?

If a person happens to be born under the sun sign of Leo they can be confident, ambitious, generous, loyal as well as encouraging. They also can tend to be pretentious, domineering, melodramatic, vain and stubborn as well. Their horoscope can tell a lot about them. Those born with the zodiac si ...more

Cancer: The Fourth Sign of the Zodiac

Cancer is noted as being the fourth sign of the zodiac and for those born under this star sign it's all about home. People with this sign seem to take pleasure in all the comforts that comes with home and family. For women they tend to be very maternal and domestic and they tend to love to nurture.  ...more

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