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Learning More About Taurus

The most common characteristics of a Taurus would be solidity, extreme determination, strong willed and practical. Never have to worry about anyone having to drive them they do just fine on their own and they will always follow a leader loyally as long as they feel they can trust them.

Mentally they are very keen and quick witted more than intellectual and they tend to get fixed in their own opinions because they tend to follow accepted and reliable patterns of experience. They are very dependable, quite prudent, firm and just and they remain unshaken when they face difficulties. They often however go to extremes and sometimes seem to be a tad slavish when it comes to the conventions they happen to admire.

Sometimes they can be obstinate and quite self-righteous, rigid, argumentative and often become bores when they become stuck inn a self-centered rut. They can develop brooding resentment by nursing any injuries they may have received and they often will need someone who is willing to stroke their egos often and give them a “Good job!” or “Well done!”

When it comes to friends they are very generous and faithful and they have a huge capacity towards affection, even though they will rarely make any friends with someone who might be outside their social ranking, so they often time come off as snobs. They can be gentle, very even tempered and most of the time have a good nature are modest and usually slow in getting angry. They don't like to argue and they will try to avoid any ill feelings. However, if they are provoked they will explode into violent outbursts with ferocious anger and they sometimes can even lose their self-control. But most of the time they are quite fun and love to show people a good time.

They tend to have good taste, love art, often have a talent for art and music. They also will often be unconventional, have extreme religious faith and will ally themselves with things of beauty, love the good things such as pleasure, luxury, great food, comfort and good wine. Often their love for wine will lead them to drunkenness and covetousness.

When it comes to work they can be industrious and great craftspeople and they don't mind getting their hands a little dirty. They are very reliable, methodical, ambitious and practical when it comes to their work and they do well in a framework of obedience to their superiors. They perform at their best when they are in positions that are routine and include trust and responsibility where they have no urgency or rush of change. They do quite well in potions such as banking, architecture, any kind of bureaucracy, auctioneers, farming, chemistry, medical field, insurance and even education.

Taurus is the zodiac star sign that is the closest to the earth. Their major objective in life is to maintain stability, harmony and wholesomeness through their inner spiritual senses and they will work hard to achieve this. The key thing that most horoscopes say about a Taurus is that they need to discover their true, deepest and their highest values in life. For when they know what is really valuable they be able to achieve inner peace.

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What is the Personality of Scorpio Like?

Scorpio is the eighth star sign of the zodiac and their horoscope shows that they are people who really should not be taken lightly. People who are born under this sign are very serious about their mission to learn all they can about others. They also don't beat around the bush when it comes to finding things out and they always know the key questions to ask, so they may make other uncomfortable at times. Both beginnings and endings are extremely important for Scorpios and they are not afraid of either. They are also extremely curious people and often make great investigators.

The scorpion is the symbol of the Scorpio and that was not by accident. The scorpion itself would rather kill itself than letting something kill it and those who are Scorpios often have the same type of personality and prefer to have complete control over their own destiny. Some people might find people born under this zodiac sign a bit overbearing and sometimes even self-destructive and this can often be true about them. However, they tend to also have great regenerative powers and can pretty much overcome a variety of different obstacles they may have to face in life.

According to their horoscope they are ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars was the Roman God of War in mythology and Scorpios first ruler. After Pluto was discovered in the early part of the 20th century it was added to this sign. In mythology Pluto was known as the God of the Underworld in Roman times so when combined with Mars it produces intense energy for Scorpions on earth. This is suppose to make these people much more motivated than others and quite aware of every thing going on around them.

All Scorpios tend to love all kinds of competition and they work and play extremely hard and this is why they tend to be pretty good at most sports. Extreme sports are probably very exciting to Scorpios. Basically anything that will test their abilities will have interest for them. They also always seem to need some sort of adversary because it makes games a lot more fun for them.

Even though they tend to be a bit rough around the edges, overbearing at times and extremely competitive, when it comes to love they will tend to soften up a little bit and can be very caring and loving with their partners.

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The Person Who is Aquarius

The person who is born under the zodiac star sign of Aquarius tend to be of two different types. One type of Aquarius is shy and the other type is lively. Both types however tend to be very strong willed as well as very honest. Their thoughts are very orderly and they plan their lives in a systematic manner. Some are very aggressive and loud and often can be unprejudiced and can easily see other people's points of view. Aquarius is very serious but they can also be quite funny and have sort of a dry sense of humor. They have a logical mind and are quite intelligent. There are times when they sometimes feel the need to withdraw themselves from people so they can go off and be alone for awhile. This often makes others think that they are loners. When they are alone they often prefer to meditate or pray. Often they are egotistical however and this can drive friends away.

Aquarius tend to be very frank, persevering without being self-assertive and they will express themselves with reason and with moderation. They are concise and clear when they communicate and can be philosophical and spiritual. Often they can be found doing scientific research to try and fulfill their philanthropic ideals of trying to benefit mankind. Even though this kind of work can inspire them it also can drive them to near exhaustion to the point of even risking their own health to help others.

Even though they are forthcoming and often have a magnetic personality they often find it hard to make close friends. They find it difficult at times to easily give of themselves because of their judgment of human nature so often they can come off as being a cold person. However, after they decide that someone is worth being friends with or loving, they will exert a near hypnotic and irresistible type of mental attraction on this person that they may be even ready to sacrifice all that they have for this person and will be faithful to them for the rest of their lives. But, they often can be disappointed emotionally because of their own extremely high ideals that this can cause them to be more demanding of others and if they happen to find out they've been deceived their angry can be horrible. If they feel they've been disillusioned they find it hard to forgive in fact often they can't forgive.

People born under this sign often work well as scientists, astronomers, historians and may also excel at things such as photography, radiography and electronics. They also tend to express themselves well through writing and poetry. They can often be found as welfare workers and teachers. Some make good actors and musicians as well.

Some of their major faults are that they are egotistical, have excessive detachment and tend to be extremely dogmatic in their personal opinions. They tend to have a simmering anger and resentment towards those who may be their enemies and can become rude and even have a very threatening temper.

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Gemini is the Third Sun Sign

Gemini is the third star sign of the zodiac and when someone mentions anything about a horoscope and the zodiac signs they will be the first one to tell you about it. This is because they just love to talk. It is not just idle chit chat either that they like to get into, they love good conversation because the driving force for their conversation is their minds. They are extremely intelligent and are always probing people in search of information. In fact the more information they collect the better. They also love to share their information later with other people because it seems to be a lot of fun for them to do and they do so because it help them to develop relationships which they also love to do. They can be very bright and quick witted and are often the life of the party. They also have a great imagination so they are never boring to say the least.

Since they seem to be a good mix of the yin and the yang it makes sense that their symbol is the Twins. This also makes it easy for them to see both sides of any issue which is a great practical quality they have. On their less practical side is that you never know which side of the Gemini is going to show up, which makes people think they are fickle or restless.

They also come off as be wishy washy as well because they can seem to change their moods without a moments notice. However this makes them quite flexible and they find it easy to simply go with the flow of things instead of going against the flow. They are very adaptable and dexterous and they can do a lot of different things at once. This is good because they tend to have a ton of different interests all at one time. The problem with this and their curious mind is that they often don't follow through with everything they set out to do.

Even though they do talk a lot, they do like to listen as well. They know by listening they can learn. However, they prefer to be in interesting company or they will lose interest quickly and get bored and then they start fidgeting and finding it hard to pay attention. They are on the other hand also very charming, congenial and they love to share themselves with those who are their friends.

When it comes to sports they often don't get involved much except for things like volleyball, tennis or team events even such things as charades and book clubs are something they enjoy often. Yoga is something that they are often involved with.

They are flirtatious and love to have endless fun, they communicate effectively and they are clear thinkers and they prefer adventures of the mind than true physical adventures.

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Aries the Sun Sign and the First Sign of the Zodiac

The horoscope Aries is the first Zodiac sign and this is pretty much how most of the people who are born under this star sign believe themselves to be. They are definitely born leaders, always wanting to be the first to get things done or to get things going. This means whether or not all other things get done is simply another question because those born Aries seem to prefer to initiate things and not always that concerned about completing them. If you have something that needs to be started or a project that is in dire need of a kick start you may want to call on an Aries to get the ball rolling.

The leadership that those born under this zodiac sign is very impressive so it is not surprising if they are able to rally people even when the odds seem insurmountable. They simply have that kind of magnetism with other people. They never consider shying away from new things either. They are often considered to be pioneers and are fearless and have no problems with walking right into the unknown. They are extremely energetic and dynamic much like a Pied Piper who can lead people along with their immense charm and charisma.

The Ram is the star sign symbol for Aries and this can be good and bad news. They are quite impulsive and they are often tempted to basically ram their own ideas down everyone's throats and not even bother to ask if they want to know about their ideas, often when they are like this a lot of people would rather they were more subdued. More like a lamb and not a ram. However, you can forget about asking an Aries to soften up because they are simply to the point and often brutally blunt.

This sign of the horoscope is ruled by Mars and if you look at Roman mythology you see that Mars was thought to be the God of War. And Mars was never afraid to go into battle and this is pretty much how Aries can be. They are bold, very aggressive and quite brave. They have the ability to summon up great inner strength whenever needed to and they generally win the battles they fight. They can stay in the game a lot longer than most people can. They are also quite independent and are aware of their own interests in all situations. They have a competitive nature about them and this ensures that whatever they compete in it will be with great vigor and zeal. Sometimes they can come off as being arrogant and domineering. Often they won't hang around long enough though to see their victory because more times than not they've already rushed off to their next project before their first one is even completed.

It is all about simply making things happen for these people born under this zodiac sign. Fire is the element that is associated with them and this makes them think action and they are filled with enthusiasm and have a burning desire to be in the game and play at full force. They love to be physical so you won't see them sitting on the sidelines for very long. Often this kind of enthusiasm can cause decisions that are made in haste, but even if they make bad decisions, they never regret trying.

There is no point in ever trying to argue with an Aries, they have a “me first” attitude and are very quick to let you know it's the only way to go. They are first in their minds because they simply have an unbridled ego often. Again, arguing with an Aries will just be futile because they always have to have the last word, so it's best you just save your breath.

When it comes to love, they can be very playful as well as romantic with their mates and this can make for a fun and exciting relationship.

Their greatest strengths are their initiative, determination and their courage, their charisma, competitive spirit also add a lot to their personality.

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What Kind of a Person is a Leo?

If a person happens to be born under the sun sign of Leo they can be confident, ambitious, generous, loyal as well as encouraging. They also can tend to be pretentious, domineering, melodramatic, vain and stubborn as well. Their horoscope can tell a lot about them.

Those born with the zodiac sign of Leo can be independent but in order to do that they also need something to control as well as someone that admires them and appreciates them at the same time. They have no issues with being successful on their own but they tend to be a lot happier if they have some sort of audience or a following of people who seem to look up to them. They don't really like to be alone.

When it comes to friendship, it seems as if people are often very attracted to their zest for life and the warm spirit that they happen to possess. They are very good at lifting the spirits of others and providing encouragement in times of need. They are enthusiastic about life and this attracts a lot of people to them. They tend to be social butterflies not because they actually want to be but mainly because it seems others just naturally gravitate to them because they are very easily liked. They are pretty balanced and they don't like to dwell on the past and often think those that do are rather strange. There are some Leos however that can be caught up in themselves and can be quite self-centered however, they never seem to ever get too self-absorbed to ignore someone in need. They are very forgiving and they never hold a grudge.

When it comes to business Leos can be quite successful, in command and in control. Sometimes this can cause some conflict at work and often have no problems reaching supervisory roles. They are good leaders and have the ability to get along with just about anyone in any kind of setting. They tend to need to give orders but often do it with cheerfulness and people don't seem to have any problems following their orders. They are often full of flair and drama and this can reflect back into the business world they might work in. They often make an impact at work and they do their best to try and keep things moving in sync and always try to iron out any troubled areas.

They love new and exciting things and they can't stand the dull or regular routines and if they face any kind of dullness in life or at work they will just try to make their own excitement and drama. So this can often make them prone to stirring up a situation out of nothing just to try and keep their temperament satisfied. They also have a great ability to bounce right back from despair or any unfortunate event in their lives. They simply don't like to be unhappy because it simply hurts their pride so they will try and do whatever it takes to make things right again.

Even though Leos hide it extremely well, they are very sensitive, they love to be praised and flattered and they have egos that demand respect as well as adoration. They are all about pride and they can become self-centered but can keep it under control. If their family or friends don't give them the appreciation they need, they are too proud to let them know and they will suffer their hurt ego in silence.

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Cancer: The Fourth Sign of the Zodiac

Cancer is noted as being the fourth sign of the zodiac and for those born under this star sign it's all about home. People with this sign seem to take pleasure in all the comforts that comes with home and family. For women they tend to be very maternal and domestic and they tend to love to nurture. Often times they tend to have large families as well.

Those with this horoscope sign will be much happier if their home life tends to be serene and harmonious. They love to follow traditions and have a zeal for things that revolve around the household. They love family history and also enjoy communal type activities. Another key thing to note is that they tend to be patriotic as well.

They tend to be good story tellers because of possessing good memories and they base their stories on their memories and love to tell them during dinner time or other times when everyone is together all at once.

One of the reasons why the crab is their mascot is because of how quick they can be to retreat into their shells if it happens to suit their mood. This doesn't mind the one who is a Cancer because they find this as a place to hide when they may feel they've been hurt or slighted. For others though it may be difficult to get them to come out of their shelves.

A person born under this sign tends to be strong willed and tenacious and they do like to get their way especially if their kindness and gentleness doesn't seem to get the job done. They also are not above using emotional manipulation in order to make what they want happen. Then if this doesn't work then they more than likely will retreat back into their shell.

They say that they are ruled by the moon and this increases their maternal instincts and their deep desire to protect their home and family at nearly any cost. Sometimes they may even seem smothering to those around them, but that is just who they are. Often they can be overly sensitive, brooding and can be easily hurt but at the same time they are extremely sensitive, sympathetic and quick to show affection towards others.

One thing people born under this sign need to remember is to try and avoid the temptation to become selfish and feel sorry for themselves because this is not going to help any adverse situation they might be in.

They also very quick and willing to help others and they truly try to avoid confrontation because they prefer serenity over turmoil. When it comes to love, they will tend to be quite romantic and they have no problems with getting things rolling on their own. Their greatest strength however is their tenacity which is what helps them strongly protect anyone they love. They also don't ask for much in return they just want a home that is comfortable and some sense of peace in their lives.

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