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Aries the Sun Sign and the First Sign of the Zodiac

The horoscope Aries is the first Zodiac sign and this is pretty much how most of the people who are born under this star sign believe themselves to be. They are definitely born leaders, always wanting to be the first to get things done or to get things going. This means whether or not all other things get done is simply another question because those born Aries seem to prefer to initiate things and not always that concerned about completing them. If you have something that needs to be started or a project that is in dire need of a kick start you may want to call on an Aries to get the ball rolling.

The leadership that those born under this zodiac sign is very impressive so it is not surprising if they are able to rally people even when the odds seem insurmountable. They simply have that kind of magnetism with other people. They never consider shying away from new things either. They are often considered to be pioneers and are fearless and have no problems with walking right into the unknown. They are extremely energetic and dynamic much like a Pied Piper who can lead people along with their immense charm and charisma.

The Ram is the star sign symbol for Aries and this can be good and bad news. They are quite impulsive and they are often tempted to basically ram their own ideas down everyone's throats and not even bother to ask if they want to know about their ideas, often when they are like this a lot of people would rather they were more subdued. More like a lamb and not a ram. However, you can forget about asking an Aries to soften up because they are simply to the point and often brutally blunt.

This sign of the horoscope is ruled by Mars and if you look at Roman mythology you see that Mars was thought to be the God of War. And Mars was never afraid to go into battle and this is pretty much how Aries can be. They are bold, very aggressive and quite brave. They have the ability to summon up great inner strength whenever needed to and they generally win the battles they fight. They can stay in the game a lot longer than most people can. They are also quite independent and are aware of their own interests in all situations. They have a competitive nature about them and this ensures that whatever they compete in it will be with great vigor and zeal. Sometimes they can come off as being arrogant and domineering. Often they won't hang around long enough though to see their victory because more times than not they've already rushed off to their next project before their first one is even completed.

It is all about simply making things happen for these people born under this zodiac sign. Fire is the element that is associated with them and this makes them think action and they are filled with enthusiasm and have a burning desire to be in the game and play at full force. They love to be physical so you won't see them sitting on the sidelines for very long. Often this kind of enthusiasm can cause decisions that are made in haste, but even if they make bad decisions, they never regret trying.

There is no point in ever trying to argue with an Aries, they have a “me first” attitude and are very quick to let you know it's the only way to go. They are first in their minds because they simply have an unbridled ego often. Again, arguing with an Aries will just be futile because they always have to have the last word, so it's best you just save your breath.

When it comes to love, they can be very playful as well as romantic with their mates and this can make for a fun and exciting relationship.

Their greatest strengths are their initiative, determination and their courage, their charisma, competitive spirit also add a lot to their personality.

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