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Gemini is the Third Sun Sign

Gemini is the third star sign of the zodiac and when someone mentions anything about a horoscope and the zodiac signs they will be the first one to tell you about it. This is because they just love to talk. It is not just idle chit chat either that they like to get into, they love good conversation because the driving force for their conversation is their minds. They are extremely intelligent and are always probing people in search of information. In fact the more information they collect the better. They also love to share their information later with other people because it seems to be a lot of fun for them to do and they do so because it help them to develop relationships which they also love to do. They can be very bright and quick witted and are often the life of the party. They also have a great imagination so they are never boring to say the least.

Since they seem to be a good mix of the yin and the yang it makes sense that their symbol is the Twins. This also makes it easy for them to see both sides of any issue which is a great practical quality they have. On their less practical side is that you never know which side of the Gemini is going to show up, which makes people think they are fickle or restless.

They also come off as be wishy washy as well because they can seem to change their moods without a moments notice. However this makes them quite flexible and they find it easy to simply go with the flow of things instead of going against the flow. They are very adaptable and dexterous and they can do a lot of different things at once. This is good because they tend to have a ton of different interests all at one time. The problem with this and their curious mind is that they often don't follow through with everything they set out to do.

Even though they do talk a lot, they do like to listen as well. They know by listening they can learn. However, they prefer to be in interesting company or they will lose interest quickly and get bored and then they start fidgeting and finding it hard to pay attention. They are on the other hand also very charming, congenial and they love to share themselves with those who are their friends.

When it comes to sports they often don't get involved much except for things like volleyball, tennis or team events even such things as charades and book clubs are something they enjoy often. Yoga is something that they are often involved with.

They are flirtatious and love to have endless fun, they communicate effectively and they are clear thinkers and they prefer adventures of the mind than true physical adventures.


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