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What is the Personality of Scorpio Like?

Scorpio is the eighth star sign of the zodiac and their horoscope shows that they are people who really should not be taken lightly. People who are born under this sign are very serious about their mission to learn all they can about others. They also don't beat around the bush when it comes to finding things out and they always know the key questions to ask, so they may make other uncomfortable at times. Both beginnings and endings are extremely important for Scorpios and they are not afraid of either. They are also extremely curious people and often make great investigators.

The scorpion is the symbol of the Scorpio and that was not by accident. The scorpion itself would rather kill itself than letting something kill it and those who are Scorpios often have the same type of personality and prefer to have complete control over their own destiny. Some people might find people born under this zodiac sign a bit overbearing and sometimes even self-destructive and this can often be true about them. However, they tend to also have great regenerative powers and can pretty much overcome a variety of different obstacles they may have to face in life.

According to their horoscope they are ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars was the Roman God of War in mythology and Scorpios first ruler. After Pluto was discovered in the early part of the 20th century it was added to this sign. In mythology Pluto was known as the God of the Underworld in Roman times so when combined with Mars it produces intense energy for Scorpions on earth. This is suppose to make these people much more motivated than others and quite aware of every thing going on around them.

All Scorpios tend to love all kinds of competition and they work and play extremely hard and this is why they tend to be pretty good at most sports. Extreme sports are probably very exciting to Scorpios. Basically anything that will test their abilities will have interest for them. They also always seem to need some sort of adversary because it makes games a lot more fun for them.

Even though they tend to be a bit rough around the edges, overbearing at times and extremely competitive, when it comes to love they will tend to soften up a little bit and can be very caring and loving with their partners.


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